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Pocket Monsters - Leaf - Zenigame - ARTFX J - Pokémon Figure Series (Kotobukiya)Pocket Monsters - Leaf - Zenigame - ARTFX J - Pokémon Figure Series (Kotobukiya)

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pokelov (4 months ago) #41382061i would like some bigger pokemon in future

How about you buy them from other companies and just put them beside the figure if you want them so badly instead of spamming the same thing again and again?

Let the trainers have the spotlight for once. There are so many Pokemon figures in all kinds of sizes to suit your taste but instead of buying those, you complain on every Pokemon figure focusing on the human.

Quite frankly, I don't want bigger Pokemon. For three reasons: Space, money, focus. Larger Pokemon require more space on the shelf. The figures would cost more because larger Pokemon created with attention to detail also require more time and material. And last but not least, it would take the focus away from the protagonist.

This line does not need bigger Pokemon. Kotobukiya made many fans' dreams a reality by finally making good quality figures of the trainers from the games for a reasonable price. If it bothers you that much, simply buy other figures instead. I doubt you have every figure of the Pokemon that are already available.

The figure will likely look gorgeous just as the others do but of course you don't have anything to say about the figure itself or how Leaf will complete the trio.
4 months ago
I'm still holding out for a Kris figure in this line. I will slap pre-order so hard all of Kotobukiya's employees will hear it.
4 months ago
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She deserves more love!! :'(
9 days ago
Oh my gosh, i love Green! But hopefully Crystal will come next because she was what popped my poke cherry.
16 days ago
I was expecting Dawn :(
23 days ago
Finally getting acknowledgement
and my heart is a-flutter
1 month ago
Can't wait! I have all of the other figures released and ordered except the Running Red with Pikachu. Anyone know where to find it cheaper, I usually buy from Amazon Japan but it's not listed there.
1 month ago
More figures from this line please
1 month ago
Kinda wish it was her LGPE design now.. :v
2 months ago
Viku-Asakura (2 months ago) #44415409I wonder what trainer will be next, We finally get Leaf, I would like for Crystal someday, I really dont care since we will get all of them eventually, although if we ever get original Brendan and May I would prefer their look from Emerald

It's got to be Platinum/Hikari next. She's the only mainline girl from a gen that hasn't been represented yet at this point. If they do her, I wish it's the winter coat outfit. I always loved the design over her standard outfit.
2 months ago
A definite purchase for me!
2 months ago
Aimaileafy (2 months ago) #44316011A matter of taste I would say? I think her fighting pose (pbs.twimg.com/m...) is perfect for a figure.

Blue's (Green's) design in Let's Go is SO GOOD, I really hope that it doesn't stay in those games only. Hopefully they make a figure of that design someday too!
2 months ago
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