Naruto Shippuuden - Orochimaru - 1/4 (Iron Kite Studio)Naruto Shippuuden - Orochimaru - 1/4 (Iron Kite Studio)¥ Buy¥ Buy

Naruto Shippuuden - Orochimaru - 1/4 (Iron Kite Studio)
Scale & Dimensions
1/4  W=504mm (19.66in)  L=601mm (23.44in)  H=797mm (31.08in, 1:1=3.19m)
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Official price: ¥4920(RMB)
Limited to 800 pcs


Dunno if I would buy this one, even if I had the money. Something about the tongue contrasting with the face really throws him off for me. Hope they do more statues for Orochimaru though. He's one of my favorites.
8 months ago
The face looks really off for me
1 year ago
Well I guess I’m gonna have to find a place for him now
1 year ago
Orochimaru is one of my favorite Naruto characters, but oddly enough snakes make me squirm. So I could never buy this (not that I could afford to anyhow) but it looks freaking awesome. Can't wait to see it painted.
1 year ago
I've never read/watched Naruto, and I have no intention to ever do so, because life is short. However, weird evil onryou-lookin' snake man, with actual giant snake? I got a hankerin', son.
2 years ago
worryseed_2 years ago#43146721anyone know if the price tag is in yen or yuan?

It will almost certainly be in yuan as this piece is licensed only for Asia-ex Japan. 1RMB is 16 JPY, and being a 1/4 scale figure, it will probably cost close to a thousand USD.
2 years ago
anyone know if the price tag is in yen or yuan?
2 years ago
0crybaby02 years ago#42237801I'm floored by this concept

I certainly won't be able to get him, but I'm glad they're showing interest to Orochimaru and to the ones who can afford him ^^
2 years ago
I'm floored by this concept
2 years ago
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