Nanatsu no Taizai - Diane - 1/6 (Kitsune Statue)Nanatsu no Taizai - Diane - 1/6 (Kitsune Statue)¥ Buy¥ Buy

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Limited to 400 pieces for 429 euros

Shipping is set to be offered to Europe only

Orders via Kitsune statue : kitsunestatue.c...


Thanks for the pics upload! Interesting changes from the prototype. Toned her skin more white and her face looks very accurate now. The mushrooms on the base stand out more, probably for production simplicity. The rock is left more natural stone without as much brown highlights, good contrast to Diane's fairer skin tone.

Overall gorgeous work! I'm more excited to eventually get Ban and Elaine from Kitsune now, they do a worthwhile job for what they ask. Though if Diane slipped into summer after Q1 2020 date, I'll likely have to wait for 2021 lol.
5 days ago
Shes lovely
11 days ago
suffecool12 days ago#81208509Super jealous! May I ask where you were able to obtain her from?

Directly from kitsune website
I also know kyodai aniki ship Worldwide
12 days ago
suffecool Not just cool... He's Suffecool
Mangas5712 days ago#81208393Got it today , great improve compared to the picture , perfect in hand
Super jealous! May I ask where you were able to obtain her from?
12 days ago
Got it today , great improve compared to the picture , perfect in hand
12 days ago
Only 400 eh? I guess I missed this one.
Wallet-kun smiles.
1 year ago
Nice recolor, closer to anime settings.
1 year ago
Better not to release her,her face is terrible
1 year ago
Heads up, they're repainting her i.imgur.com/mng...

Crap....now I really need to get her
1 year ago
A7xMad1 year ago#53694916you're missing on a very important fact that makes this argument useless, the digital drafts oftenly lack a lot in shading from the actual prototype, I guess you haven't seen much of them then.
I never said it's exclusive to resin pieces either.. but if you are looking for something plain it's better not to go for high end resin pieces because most people would rather go for something better looking and vibrant on a large display piece than something dull, which make it look very pasty given the size, shading is needed to a certain point but tbh the shading is not so much as you are making up. On a side note you can't really figure out the texture either from the digital draft. Take a look at most high end resin pieces and you will get the point as to why this needs shading, some very plain ones look pasty and make it look dull. Tbh it's also very exaggerated to say that it doesnt look like diane, the density is just right for it to fit a resin piece and be true to the actual character or else it wouldn't be approved . You should have seen the original draft (not on kistune fb page), they improved it a lot and its as close as it gets now. The only thing i would agree on is that the skin is more wrongly tanned in areas (plus the poor lighting) which they will take note of, other than that it's colours vibrancy really make Diane come out which is evident in the video.
Anyway it's cool and hope you have a good day

Hey you too man, hopefully you get the best version of the product in a timely manner. I'll look forward when you post em o/
1 year ago
Exclusive anime goods from Japan!


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