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Fate/Apocrypha - Atalanta - SPM Figure - Aka no Archer (SEGA)
Scale & Dimensions
W=150mm (5.85in)  H=220mm (8.58in)
Release date
06/28/2019 As Prize
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Mine has no visible paint issues and
she really looks less than prize more like cheaper scale,
glad that at least she got cool pose as a prize in her normal outfit,
not sure if we ever get scale of her *finger cross*
6 months ago
Selling mine for only 25 AUD. PM me if interested.
10 months ago
I hope she will get a good scale figure someday. Until that day will come, I'll be waiting on the reverse side of the world.
1 year ago
Elise_Grimwald Genius Puppeteer
If anyone is looking for her, there are like 3 available on Mercari (the US one) right now for a fair price.
I'm waiting to get mine still from Ninoma. I'm really hoping she's at the post office, ready to be picked up after I get back, and isn't victim to ridiculous SAL times. :/.
1 year ago
ok I've made some pics!
She's like a big 1/8, approx 1/7 but a bit smaller, for the face :P

PICTURE #2258099
PICTURE #2258098

(sorry, pics are made with the phone)
1 year ago
Getting mine today hopefully, looking forward to getting this one in and getting some photos of her posted.
1 year ago
Rin_Asano1 year ago#63258872great! Which "scale" is she? approx 1/7? Thank you!

Ah, sorry, I´ve seen it today.
No, she´s non-scale.
1 year ago
She has a lot of little paint flaws, but for a prize figure she's very impressive. She looks lovely!
1 year ago
Seeraa_Sataan1 year ago#63131585She´s so very beautiful. *-* My copy of it, has arrives me yesterday.

great! Which "scale" is she? approx 1/7? Thank you!
1 year ago
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