Girls Frontline - ST AR-15 - 1/7 (Phat Company)Girls Frontline - ST AR-15 - 1/7 (Phat Company)¥ Buy¥ Buy

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The older sculpt's head felt more on model to LIN+'s art imo
11 days ago
Outfit? she's wearing a dress with a jacket. it's her character design, look it up
29 days ago
hmm the shoes are terrible and not fit with her outfit........cool shoes like (boots would be perfect for her) very sad.....
1 month ago
No painted version yet? WTF
1 month ago
Still waiting on this one, rawr!
5 months ago
Inari6 months ago#75347616was really hoping to see it painted this wf

Looking at the rifle detail, I wouldn't even mind getting an unpainted version now. Those details usually don't show when the paint is applied (unless they keep the gun a light colour or white)....
6 months ago
was really hoping to see it painted this wf
6 months ago
I don't like how they really shaved off some of her cheeks so now she has a really pointy chin...
6 months ago
Well, I suppose the update means that we are still getting her. But come on, it should be painted by now!
6 months ago
Hopefully they don't cancel production of it.
6 months ago
PVC anime figure store.


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