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Limited to 1600 pieces for 499,00 Euros
Orders available via Tsume Shop


I'd love to add this figure to my collection if anyone is willing to sell
9 days ago
anyone looking to give up their preorder in europe or germany?
1 month ago
1 month ago
I'm also super interested if someone sells or cancels their pre-order. I've never collected figures like this before, but I am very much looking for a way to get one, it'd mean the world to me. I'm located in the Us, and am willing to pay, and draw you the prettiest thank you illustration. Thank you!
2 months ago
if someone sells, or cancels the preorder I'm interested
2 months ago
Shipping started in China already. Chinese customers received it, looks great.
2 months ago
I'm looking for this! Please pm me if selling. Located in the U.S! Thanks.
3 months ago
Anyone looking to give up their pre order DM me, holy fuck I need this piece.
3 months ago
I would highly appreciate it if someone is willing to give up his preorder. Although I'll probably try to convince you not to sell it because why would you sell something like this?
3 months ago
MattyRoshi Wandering Clown
If you would like to sell your pre-order, please let me know!
4 months ago
Europe's friend for everything manga, anime and related merchandise!


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