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Final Fantasy VIII - Seifer Almasy - FFVIII Extra Soldiers (Bandai)Final Fantasy VIII - Seifer Almasy - FFVIII Extra Soldiers (Bandai)

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I lost his gunblade, so hes basically doing the invisible gun thing from Yugion Abridged. haha
6 years ago
I have two boxes for sale in the way they were sold as combined set

Extra Soldier Collection Volume 1Edit
This is the only way to get the Edea figure. The boxset contains Squall, Selphie, Zell, and Edea.

Extra Soldier Collection Volume 2Edit
This is the only way to get the Moomba figure. The boxset contains Seifer, Laguna, Rinoa, Moomba, and Angelo

These are the sets I am talking about. Let me know if you are interested ;)

greetings, Patrick
7 years ago
It also looks like he's wearing eyeliner! I was thinking that when I took him out of the box! XD
7 years ago
Cifer is too small compared to the other FFVIII Extra soldiers figures ... he's the smallest, even though he should be the biggest. And Zell, who should be smaller than Quistis, is the biggest. Strange. O.o
8 years ago
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