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wow, i'm so glad sonico is finally getting a bikini figure.
1 day ago
Oh no! There's no release month now! I know why, but I hope the virus doesn't cause this to be cancelled! :(
9 days ago
bisexual moeshit
sonico bikini figure: meh
sonico bikini figure but her hair is kinda blue: SIGN ME THE FUCK UP!!!!!
1 month ago
Best Sonico ever to be honest
2 months ago
Oh my goodness that face is so adorable, and I love the hair! I'm also a sucker for that kind of pose.
2 months ago
NewfieAnimeNut3 months ago#75408580My god, I usually don't like Bikini Figures at all, but her face is so cute and I love her hair ;w;

Right?! I love the face! It's so cute! I love the hair too! This might be my new favorite Sonico figure! It's either this one or the Hatsune Miku one. I love the pigtails on that one!
2 months ago
Its dumb to say, but what makes it unique is she is actually smiling
2 months ago
That booty fills my heart with warmth.
3 months ago
Another white-bikini Sonico, but she does look very nice...
3 months ago
her face is really good omfg...
3 months ago
Buy from Japan. Easier than ever.


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