Touhou Project - Yorigami Shion - FumoFumo - Touhou Plush Series  (45) (Gift)Touhou Project - Yorigami Shion - FumoFumo - Touhou Plush Series (45) (Gift)¥ Buy¥ Buy

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Orders via Gift Online Shop could be made between the 10th May 2019 from 18:00JST to the 20th May 2019 at 13:00JST.
Event releases and orders via the gift online shop will come with a bonus badge PICTURE #2347958


mandu420 chika fujiwara simp
If anyone's willing to trade me her for ITEM #73436 (Mokou) or ITEM #562452 (Youmu) pls hmu
1 month ago
looking to buy! pls pm if selling
1 year ago
idol2 years ago#62019422Is this up for order anywhere yet?

From what I could tell with my limited Japanese and Google Translate, it looks like she was released at Reitaisai in early May and pre-orders on the GIFT online shop ended around a month ago, too. The GIFT website did say that Shion will release late this month, however, so you may need to hunt for her on the aftermarket. :/
Hopefully Amiami will put some up for pre-order like they did with Tenshi.
2 years ago
Is this up for order anywhere yet?
2 years ago
An interesting choice . . . is GIFT going to focus on the newer Touhou characters now?
There are plenty of older ones that lack a fumo, though. . .
2 years ago
While I'm happy about newest character getting a fumo... Why Shion? I know she is popular from the amount of fanarts on pixiv. But where are characters like Utsuho, Byakuren, Miko...?
2 years ago
Be proud of your inner child


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