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Papiyon - Nidy-2D- - Vocaloid - Hatsune Miku - Kagamine Rin - Gumi - Album - Glorious World (Pony Canyon, Quake)Papiyon - Nidy-2D- - Vocaloid - Hatsune Miku - Kagamine Rin - Gumi - Album - Glorious World (Pony Canyon, Quake)

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Firstpress comes with a Mousepad and Phone Strap, a B2 poster depending on the stores.
A Clear File is provided for send in questionnaires.


01 グロリアス・ワールド/ Glorious World feat Miku
02 え?あぁ、そう。/ E? Aa, Sou. feat Miku
03 ラブアトミック・トランスファー/ Love Atomic Transfer feat Miku
04 Specification feat Miku
05 ピアス/ Pierce feat Gumi
06 はちみつハニー/ Hachimitsu Honey feat Gumi
07 恋率方程式/ Renritsu Houteishiki feat Miku
08 排他的ロンリー理論/ Haitateki Lonely Riron feat Miku
09 星の君/ Hoshi no Kimi feat Miku
10 デンドロビウム・ファレノプシス/ Dendrobium Phalaenopsis feat Miku
11 飴玉サイコロジスト/ Amedama Pyschologist feat Rin
12 Philosophy of Precious Love feat Miku
13 Love Trigger feat Gumi
14 心拍数♯0822/ Shinpakusuu#0822 feat Miku
15 Eternal World feat Miku
16 Bonus Track: え?あぁ、そう。/ E? Aa, Sou.(Hard-R.K.G.M.REMIX) by CosMo@BousoP feat Gumi & Rin
17 Bonus Track: はちみつハニー/ Hachimitsu Honey(40m/s REMIX) by 40mP feat Gumi
18 Bonus Track: デンドロビウム・ファレノプシス(モテREMIX)/ Dendrobium Phalaenopsis(Mote Remix) by Ahiru GunsouP feat Rin


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