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Promare - Lio Fotia - Figma (Max Factory)
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It's been a year at this point, when are we even getting a prototype!?
4 days ago
free my wife (male) pls
2 months ago
Galo was just painted, that will only make people more antsy to see this one. Max Factory, we're hyped up, paint him, I can't wait lol.
2 months ago
I just wanna see what he'll look like already hnggg
3 months ago
lio figma WHEN
6 months ago
I'm starting to worry that I haven't seen any news about the lio nendo and the figmas.... :(
7 months ago
No news?
7 months ago
Sure hope that when the Japanese blu-ray is out they put the movie on Netflix because going to see it yesterday would have cost me nearly as much as this figma will probably cost because of gas. There was one showing in my entire state.
9 months ago
OptimalGorilla1 year ago#63019608Lio is a guy which is odd for Trigger since they love female villains but great for me cause cute boy.

They do a lot of female villains but wouldn't say this would be odd by any means. Also..... View spoilerHide spoilerLio is not the bad guy.
10 months ago
I hope they do the pink/green shading since that's such a good design choice
1 year ago
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