Promare - Galo Thymos - Pop Up Parade (Good Smile Company)Promare - Galo Thymos - Pop Up Parade (Good Smile Company)¥ Buy¥ Buy

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Now available to pre-order @ AnimUK: bit.ly/3d98bEH

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1 month ago
Ishy Part time Puella Magi
Ughhh I love the face on this one. Please turn out good.
4 months ago
Himbo poster boy
5 months ago
I don't know anything about Promare but this boy's shoulder to waist ratio is incredible.

EDIT: After a long time of not being able to get Galo's waistline out of my mind, I decided to watch Promare. No regrets.
5 months ago
The resemblance to Kamina's face is so strong in this figure.
5 months ago
LadyLavellan JennaroniPepperoni
Love it so far :D
Also, I seem to have somehow missed how tiny his waist is in the movie? Lol
5 months ago
Okay, they better do this boi justice
9 months ago
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