Azur Lane - Graf Zeppelin - 1/7 - Beachside Urd Ver. (Alter)Azur Lane - Graf Zeppelin - 1/7 - Beachside Urd Ver. (Alter)¥ Buy¥ Buy

Azur Lane - Graf Zeppelin - 1/7 - Beachside Urd Ver. (Alter)
Scale & Dimensions
1/7  H=250mm (9.75in, 1:1=1.75m)
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I really hope she get's her rigging. i'll pass if she doesn't.
1 day ago
WOW I really like the metallic look of her hair.

Pretty decent job at the translucent areas of her swimsuit as well.
2 days ago
Men this figure looks so beautiful I hope the price is not that insane.
2 days ago
I'm a bit disappointed that they decided to remove the shark, but still, Alter did a phenomenal job. They managed to turn this skin into a gorgeous figur, especially the hair looks really good!
2 days ago
Woops! Looks like there’s no gear behind her :/

Figure look stunning regardless though

2 days ago
In the end it looks very good and may even be a bit more affordable than Baltimore ITEM #1072875 and Formidable ITEM #919629 because it doesn't have the mechanical part.

We have yet to see it from the back, but I think I'll end up buying it.
2 days ago
Whose ready to say fuck you to your wallet? Cuz i am! Been waiting since its announcement!
3 days ago
buy ? buy? buybuybuybuybuybuybuybuy
3 days ago
3 days ago
Ricardo72274 days ago#104166063I haven't seen any new images either, maybe it refers to the GK that carries it. www.hpoi.net/ho...
Oh wow I didn’t know this exist!

Actually i was referring to this illustration static.myfigure...
4 days ago
Your source for old and rare figurines!


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