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Zootopia - Nick Wilde - Nendoroid (Good Smile Company)Zootopia - Nick Wilde - Nendoroid (Good Smile Company)

Zootopia - Nick Wilde - Nendoroid (Good Smile Company)
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This is cool and all, but both Nick & Judy being winners for a survey feels a little rigged.
1 month ago
Yeah, no. I agree. This feels really rigged. And sorry but, wasting two slots on two characters because it feels like they "had" to release both of them. Not getting my hopes up for future surveys after this disappointment.
1 month ago
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I wish to order this already.
23 days ago
Are these characters really this popular? This movie came out years ago and I hardly hear about it
24 days ago
Since I'm behind on my anime, I'm glad these two are the only characters I know from the survey.
1 month ago
I really like Nick and Judy and I will probably get them depending on what they look like but idk... I feel a little bit dissapointed.

I expected better characters with this survey but I'm happy just with Inuyasha announcement!
1 month ago
1 month ago
Wow, and to think I thought I was going to have money next year...
1 month ago
I’m happy that he and Judy get one, I actually wished for them in the survey

but I’m convinced they rigged the survey And chose those Nendoroids they had already planned and pushed them forward because of the demand..

That’s just typical: giving you the illusion of choice but clever marketing
1 month ago
I know some are disappointed, but I'm actually really happy to be having a chance to own these two. The rovoltech figures are way too expensive now!
1 month ago
LittlePisces (1 month ago) #68996971It'll be cool to see more Disney Nendoroids in the near future! I'm wishing more for Wreck-it-Ralph Nendoroids. They had the chance when that second movie was out. Mulan could be possible since that live action movie is coming up. Or perhaps more Pixar characters like from WALL-E? What do you guys think?
I would cry tears of joy for a Moana nendoroid.
1 month ago
Seiki (1 month ago) #68996820The facebook posts announcing them said "After counting up your votes, we're excited to announce 6 new Nendoroids in the works!"
6 posts have this line. Nick & Judy from Zootopia, Inuyasha, Ritsuka Fujimaru/Gudao from Fate, Ogata from Golden Kamui, & Yukino from My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU
These 6 are the winners being made form the survey. Anything else that comes after isn't inherently to do with the survey.

Oh, these are the winners of the voting, huh?
Nice! I requested a lot of characters.
It's nice that 2 out of six winners were my votes :D
Really, really happy ^_^
Hopefully these 6 are just the start.
The next announcements might not be 'winners'
but they're probably getting ideas from the votes.
1 month ago
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