Mo Dao Zu Shi - Wei Wuxian - Nendoroid  (#1229) - Yi Ling Lao Zu Ver. (Good Smile Arts Shanghai, Good Smile Company)Mo Dao Zu Shi - Wei Wuxian - Nendoroid (#1229) - Yi Ling Lao Zu Ver. (Good Smile Arts Shanghai, Good Smile Company)¥ Buy¥ Buy

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Pre-order Bonus Tencent Video E-Mall
- Compass of Evil PICTURE #2323848


In stock @ Solaris Japan (¥12,030)

Brand New for ¥12,030
└ A treasure is waiting for you! ✗
Don't know if this is allowed, but thought I'd share some information I recently came across (confirmed by Good Smile Company via email) about all 3 of the MDZS Nendoroids (and others distributed by GS Shanghai)! There were two distributions of each Nendo, one originally released in China and a second released later in Japan. The ones released in China were sold by Tencent (the link in the Information box above) and were distributed by Good Smile Arts Shanghai , while the ones released in Japan were distributed by Good Smile Company. One thing to note is that while the front of the box is the same, the back of the box is NOT! The differences are in the pictures linked below. BOTH ARE AUTHENTIC, so if you ever come across the Chinese one and thought it was a bootleg because the box looks different from the typical Nendo boxes distributed in Japan, don't worry! There's also no difference in the Nendos. Besides the back of the box, everything else is the exact same.
Email: ibb.co/DtmJhzR
Box differences: ibb.co/86Y5nLQ
3 days ago
Selling BNIB $75 + shipping
shipping from USA
Please PM if interested
4 days ago
In stock @ Hobby Bee
99.99 CAD
Brand New
- 5% Back in Points
- Worldwide Shipping
In stock @ Neokyo
Buy on Japanese marketplaces through Neokyo: neokyo.com/sear...
Only ¥250 fee, 45 days free storage.
abimartin17171 month ago#89242732www.gamersheek....
He’s available on gamersheek!

Hi! Do you know if they ship worldwide? And you can pay later when it comes to pre-orders?
26 days ago
Considering selling Mo Dao Zu Shi's nendoroids together (#1068, #1229 & #1109). All are brand new, never opened. Pm with your offers.
28 days ago

He’s available on gamersheek!
1 month ago
I ordered him from Shumi store on BlackFriday sale,and he has just arrived today. He is still available on shumistore.com/... . He is 100% authentic and this store is in the partner store list on the official website of GSC.
2 months ago
Y’all he’s still available at shumistore.com/... he’s like 60$ and 100% authentic. I ordered him last month and he shipped within the week.
2 months ago
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