Fate/Grand Order - BB - Noodle Stopper Figure - Mooncancer (FuRyu)Fate/Grand Order - BB - Noodle Stopper Figure - Mooncancer (FuRyu)¥ Buy¥ Buy

Bringing the hobby to your door.
Fate/Grand Order - BB - Noodle Stopper Figure - Mooncancer (FuRyu)
Scale & Dimensions
H=160mm (6.24in)
Release date
05/2020 As Prize
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For sale! :)
Fate/Grand Order - BB - Noodle Stopper Figure - Mooncancer figure: 36 euro + shipping

The figure is sealed and new. Never displayed.
Shipping to Germany / Austria / The Netherlands: 22 euro (MPL Europe Standard)
Shipping to Spain / Italy: 36 euro (Europe +)
For other shipping cost and for photos please contact me! :)
1 month ago
Got her for a steal at amiami pre-owned section for only 560yen
Figure in good condition both figure and box B
Waiting for her to arrive safely >.<
7 months ago
Go BB today as my first "noodle stopper" figure(´∀` )

I'm planning to get Hokusai in February, and gradually I'm hoping to have this little "noodle stopper Fate ladies" part in the shelf (also lol Caster is quite hard to find by now).
7 months ago
looking to buy!
9 months ago
i wasn't even aware she existed ;_; hoping i can snag somewhere in the future...

successfully (hopefully) snagged!
10 months ago
Looking to buy
10 months ago
My sweet baby in my favourite ascension? I’m getting two! One will be next to my bed, just as she’d like~ (*´ω`*)

edit: up on hlj!
1 year ago
1 year ago
That's actually really freaking cute.
I've been on the fence with all her swimsuit variant announcements using the same basic pose from her art so this is a welcome surprise.
1 year ago
Always regretted not getting the other Fate Noodle Stoppers...Not this time!!!
1 year ago
Bringing the hobby to your door.


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