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Fate/Extella Link - Lancelot - SPM Figure (SEGA)
07/28/2020 As Prize
H=260mm (10.14in)
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the design are great!
just be careful when you try to plug in the tentacle, a lot of this armor parts are hella pricky.
overall great figure.
2 months ago
I own this figure, honestly for one of my first figures I really love it, the design is fire and it's so damn cool.
1 year ago
Julia125 Kyojuro Rengoku's Wife
Selling him! See my selling list for info: LIST #164933 SOLD
1 year ago
Just got him in today. For a prize figure he looks pretty damn awesome, and at his normal asking price he's a steal. A couple points of note:

* It might've just been the one I received, but fitting the top part of his body into the bottom took a lot. I suspect the fit between the portions was kinda jank, and considered trying a hairdryer technique but really wasn't sure if that would even help at all. In the end, I very carefully brute-forced it together (there was more than 4 of these attempts...). Eventually I got it so that the front torso is flush against the bottom, with a very minor gap in the back that you would never know was there unless you put the figure together yourself. So ultimately I'm pleased with it. But I'm curious if anyone else who gets their Lancelot has to deal with this bad-torso-allignment-requiring-vice-grip-damn-you-why-won't-you-just-go-in dilemma.

* The tendrils on his back are very faintly numbered, indicating what holes they're supposed to go into. The instructions for fitting him together on the box note this, but it's really easy to overlook unless you notice it. So if you find yourself stumped as to where the heck these things are supposed to go, check the numbers on the tendrils to match them up with their holes on the instructions.

* The paint job is fairly matted on a whole. This is like the kind of finish most figures have, and I only point this out because Lancelot is fully armored and doesn't have a metallic sheen to his paint, unlike higher-end figures that have metallic paint finishes on metal parts. This really doesn't detract from the figure, but I felt it's good to note at any rate.

Ultimately he looks great. He's more a 1/8 than a 1/7, so he doesn't fit in one-to-one next to a scale like, say, Saber Triumphant. But his sculpt is excellent, the paint overall looks great with nice gradients of blue for a prize figure, and the dynamism of the pose gives it a good presence and captures some of the essence of the visual aesthetics of the Berserker Lancelot character himself.
2 years ago
2 years ago
He’s still available on BBTS!
2 years ago
got mine from Biginjap (big in japan). Want one? Hurry to get yours before its sold out!
3 years ago
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3 years ago
3 years ago
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