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Those outfits are really hot, but bandaids and needles are a turn-off for me.
7 months ago
denpaloli otaku keyboard warrior
bandaids + bunny ears + maid costumes = max moe and im ready to die for these two
7 months ago
What a delicious looking pair of lovely nurse bunnies those two are!
7 months ago
Maid メイド〜♥
FINALLY. Nurse bunnies!!

Please be 1/4.
7 months ago
freezermilk Cute Girl Enthusiast
wow... nurse bunny girl maid lingerie... what a power combo
7 months ago
I think I just flatlined and went to heaven!
7 months ago
Between the Lolita-like outfits, bunny ears and nurse theme, a bit too much is going on. But!

The boobs save the day, per usual.
7 months ago