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Mawaru Penguindrum - Princess of the Crystal - PM Figure (SEGA)Mawaru Penguindrum - Princess of the Crystal - PM Figure (SEGA)

Mawaru Penguindrum - Princess of the Crystal - PM Figure (SEGA)
Scale & Dimensions
H=210mm (8.19in)
Release date
08/2012 As Prize
Japanese23,559 hits • 87 comments5 likes



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SOLD only took a year!!
1 year ago
Looks great when I put together, and a great value for the money. Mine's been staying together without any glue, but I've pretty much had to leave it in a display case and never move it (the bow is held up by the back mirror/wall lol). I've had it fall apart a few times while moving things around it, and it's always a pain to put back together. The problem is that the bows in the back don't actually snap in properly. There are holes on her cape for them to slot into, but they don't actually slot into them because they got the curvature wrong. Also all of the slots aren't great fits anyway, so anything is liable to fall apart with any wiggling (her hat's twintails especially). A little tip for the twintails is to wiggle them in, rather than trying to just mash them in as hard as possible. Wiggling seems to make them hold up much better. Takes a lot of finesse and patience, and anyone that finally does put this together might just consider glue. I don't think it takes some crazy adhesive, though. Aleene's (sp?) Tacky glue would probably work just fine. It worked on all of my speaker repairs, so I have no doubts it can hold this together if you let it set.
2 years ago
i love this figure but omg the assembling is hell. so i glued her parts in because there's no way it'd stay together other wise. mainly the bows in the back my god!! so far i've used "steel tough WELDBOND universal adhesive" to glue in most of the parts. but i'll need to use e6000 glue for the big bow in the back/end. weldbond is good but i think i'll need something a lot stronger for the bow. (btw if u use any of these glues; weldbond is non toxic; but e6000 is a bit more harmful to breath in so PLS don't use indoors; use it outside or at least a well ventilated area. and use a mask just to be safe! make sure not to get any glue on ur skin if possible. if u get weldbond on ur skin it's all good tho. it feels and smells like regular school glue lol)
as for the stand; i think the stand is p cool actually! it's pretty unique to the typical stands we get w/ figures. tho i do plan on customising it a bit to make it extra special! i feel like it's a shame we can't view the etched stars on the stand from far. hoping to put in glitter on it too!

and as for the actual figure itself; it's still veryyy beautiful! it's shiny on some parts which is a bonus for me. despite it being a pain to assemble; it's still very cute!
3 years ago
Selling her for $10, please PM me for pics/details!
3 years ago
Selling. She's unassembled but has no box.

Really just wanna get rid of her.
3 years ago
selling her for $17! she doesn't have a box as I didn't get her in a box to begin with. But she is unassembled and hasn't been tinkered with. Only opened parts to inspect. PM me for pictures & more details! willing to haggle but only slightly.
3 years ago
A beautiful mess, liters of glue and a lot of patience for her to stay decently mounted. Just a disappointment.
3 years ago
mahoushoujo (4 years ago) #2837863yep~ a year later and she still stands strong. :D

That's a great relief to hear!! ^^
I'm especially having problems with the bows on the back of the skirt. When I place the top part of the body, the part of the bow that comes under the hair keeps falling off and then everything falls apart.

Did you use something like super glue for this? I wanted to ask because I haven't used one on a figure before (><)
4 years ago
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