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Mass Effect 3 - Ashley Williams - Play Arts Kai (Square Enix)Mass Effect 3 - Ashley Williams - Play Arts Kai (Square Enix)

Mass Effect 3 - Ashley Williams - Play Arts Kai (Square Enix)
Scale & Dimensions
W=80mm (3.12in)  L=36mm (1.4in)  H=216mm (8.42in)
Release date
08/29/2012 As Standard
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Never opened it because some circumstances lead to me receiving another one, and I ended up with two. If you're interested, please PM me!
2 years ago
As a heads up...there are bootlegs of her. =.=
3 years ago
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It's REALLY not just the ending, actually I pretend it didn't happen but it's really far from being the only or worst problem so it's really not a great game to me, ending or not x.x but that's a topic for another place.

So I have no interest in the DLC, at this price. I'm glad people are happy about ME3, I wish I could be too XD but everyone has their reasons for liking or disliking something and it's all valid, let's not jump to conclusions.

I still love ME1, 2 and parts of 3, still do fanart but I've replayed the games already anyway and got other games to play. I'm still reading Koobismo's Marauder Shields epic story though :3

But anyway Kaidan gets quite a bit of fandom support, fanfics and fanart, and here's a recent poll: docs.google.com...
(/off topic)
6 years ago
oh-keisuke ☆*Pancake Massacre*☆
Yeah a lot of people are still mad about the end even after the dlc. Its sad 'cause ME3 is a great game but people let the ending rage mask the whole thing. I still play all 3, I also appreciate the dlc for ME3 and just finished the leviathan dlc. I enjoyed it and liked the extra weapon and ability that I got from it, but a lot of people say they cant stand to play through it anymore.

And yeah I say default male sheploo is shepard as well.
6 years ago
Haha I have to admit I hated Kaidan the first playthrough. I have warmed to him a little over time but never enough to choose him over Ashley - not that I particularly like her either. I almost always pick Tali for LI other than ME1 l, for obvious reasons.

The traits I added weren't in the poll I checked as such but more from the commentary people leave in the threads. I generally agree with the comments so maybe it is a guy thing. There also aren't nearly as many character polls for ME3 compared to ME2 since people are still raging over the endings :(

Also for the record I've never been able to play as femshep, Shep to me is the default male Sheploo.
6 years ago
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Buy from Japan. Easier than ever.


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