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Vocaloid - Hatsune Miku - Hatsune Miku Figure Costumes - China Dress Ver. (Taito)
Scale & Dimensions
H=180mm (7.02in)
Release date
12/25/2020 As Prize
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Have her ordered and worried about the quality of the fan. Thinking about finding a cute lantern for her to hold or something.
1 month ago
selling mine for $35 CAD excluding shipping & paypal fee! located in vancouver, canada. please DM if you're interested! sold!
1 month ago
I like her a lot, but she doesn’t completely fit into the stand? Like, the pegs won’t push all the way down. Aside from that I love her!
1 month ago
Has anyone had issues with her. Her leg connections are almost separated, I can't get her in the stand and there is glue/paint on her.https://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2021/02/15/2636172.jpeg
2 months ago
very dissapointed with this figure. worst quality figure from taito i have ever purchased. the hands and legs had mold lines, the part where the thigh high socks meets the leg had gaps, the fan was stratched and very low quality plastic, and the figure itself is missing so many pink details. on the ribbons, the sleeves, and socks. her skin is ghostly white, to the point i thought she was unpainted and just altogether felt very cheap.

good points? the stand has a nice print, and from a distance she looks nice. if i didn't buy the chinese noodle stopper to match with her, id personally get a refund. taito has dissapointed me.
2 months ago
Elise_Grimwald The other Warner sister
I just got her, and I like her a lot. She looks great for a prize. I agree with those who are disappointed by the fact they did change her from the turquoise, however. I actually forgot her original illustration showed turquoise, and she does look better. The pink is nice too, but not as nice as the turquoise would have been.
2 months ago
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3 months ago
FakePsychotropic4 months ago#87148861What do you mean? They look the sameThere are two different illustrations and the figure is based on the second one. I also have a preference for the first illustration, the gradient is turquoise and not pink (the musical notes stand out better) and in my eyes this gradient was softer. When we pre-ordered the figurine there was only the first illustration (turquoise gradient) and we expected no change. This is surely what the person meant.
4 months ago
yuyin8 months ago#81727008I like the hair but why does the dress look so weird? wish they didn't change the design from the drawing so much

What do you mean? They look the same
4 months ago
Ahh! She's so pretty.
5 months ago