Kill la Kill - Guts - Mankanshoku Mako - Nendoro...Kill la Kill - Guts - Mankanshoku Mako - Nendoroid #408 (Good Smile Company)

1443 years ago (3 years ago)starrystarry
YurikoRaine (3 years ago) #1980869*throws Money at the screen*
*Mako catches it all*
2553 years ago (3 years ago)redxmaverickredxmaverick
"If Mako comes with any less than 12 faceplates, GSC will have absolutely failed to do her justice." - Quoted from GSC FB page.
03 years agoqalamityqalamity
We'll see how she turns out. I feel Ryuko may be lonely without her but it's going to be difficult to really capture Mako's character!
03 years agoMongerMongerMongerMonger
She better come with A LOT of accessories. There's so many iconic poses from her random speeches that will be a blast to imitate.
03 years agojkbjkb
Hope she comes with that funny facial expression !
33 years agoasmodaieasmodaie
All I need now is Gamagoori.
23 years agoAhomineAhomine
FringeBenefits (3 years ago) #1982156Sing it with me now: "HALLELUJAH...!"HALLELUJAH...!
43 years ago (3 years ago)FringeBenefitsFringeBenefits Magical Girl Addict
Sing it with me now: "HALLELUJAH...!"
13 years agoEnthEnth
This gets me incredibly excited just because rushing through my head are all the possible "friendship speech" poses and accessories. This could be hilarious! Therefore, need :)
03 years agoTaiigaTaiiga
Makoooo aww she looks so cute
03 years agoYurikoRaineYurikoRaine
*throws Money at the screen*
13 years agoihuatzinihuatzin
iamjogie (3 years ago) #1980829Mako with her Two-Star Goku Uniform ^_^
That should be her figma D:
13 years agoiamjogieiamjogie
Mako with her Two-Star Goku Uniform ^_^
03 years agoRaithosRaithos Existential
03 years agoIncubatorMagiIncubatorMagi
HALLELUJAH! pose please! :D
03 years agozferoliezferolie
03 years agopukepuke ✧・゚mahou ♡ shoujo ・゚✧
03 years ago (3 years ago)SumireSumire
She's pure love. Need her in my life. ♥
03 years agoAhomineAhomine
Yaaaay Mako <3
03 years agoDeepEyesDeepEyes
I don't like the char too much but this nendo is soooo cute!

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