Comments Free! -Eternal Summer- - Hazuki Nagisa - Toy'sworks Collection Yontengo Free! -Eternal Summer- - Yontengo (Chara-Ani, Toy's Works)

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    jhopessoap11 days ago#96292776do u happen to have the set for sale too?

    I don’t, sorry! Just Nagisa.
    10 days ago
    searching for the nagisa one ( from france to france if possible mp me !)
    10 days ago
    searching for the entire set!!
    11 days ago
    Yamika11 days ago#96292318Selling this, PM if interested!

    do u happen to have the set for sale too?
    11 days ago
    Selling this, PM if interested!
    11 days ago
    loretxiki25 days ago#95738387Selling the entire box pm if interested European buyers onlyhi i a interest and from france if you could dm me ( twitter : @kyoma_o )
    11 days ago
    25 days ago
    I have nagisa and rei as a set that I'd be willing to let go for the right price ^^ DM me if interested.
    1 month ago
    2 months ago
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