Comments Love Live! School Idol Festival - Ayase Eli - 1/7 (Alter)

  • Thank GOD one of the cafe maid sets is being made into a figure. Judging from how beautiful Kotori's glittery skirt was, they're going to do an amazing job with this one too!!
    5 years ago
    Although the 7 Lucky Gods is my favorite Eli card, this one is gorgeous. I can't wait to pre-order.
    5 years ago
    omgggggg alter are you seriouus ??? hahah xD
    coool outfit *________* i love it...eri. *___* alter thank youu....you make one of the best figures. the best quality.

    sooooooo happpy **_____** sooo many love live figures...now... *____*
    5 years ago
    5 years ago
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