Comments Shokugeki no Souma - Nakiri Erina - 1/8 (Good Smile Company)

  • I am offering to use my TOM points to order figures that you want that total up to about $200 or more if you send the amount of points used in money minus the amount that you would earn from buying the figure in points to my Paypal account. For example, right now you get 20% back in points on their figures, so if you wanted a figure that was $200, that's $40 back in points, so I would buy that figure for you using my points to drop the price down to $150 to still get free shipping, and you would only have to pay me $160 instead of $200 since the difference in the cost of the figure and how much point I would earn back from that order is $40.

    I'm also open to selling a bunch of my figures now for a good deal to get more money and space for a business that I'm thinking of starting, so if you see a figure in my collection that you're interested in, please feel free to ask. Know that I am not selling all of my figures though. My Hinata, Itachi, Lloyd Irving, Colette Brunel, and Monster Hunter figures I am not selling, as well as a bunch of the nendoroids that I don't have adds for.
    8 months ago
    I just received a shipping confirmation :)
    9 months ago
    You know what's crazy, I pre-ordered this LAST year's xmas and I still won't be getting it until Feb from TOM.
    9 months ago
    Itachi_Uchiha1129 months ago#71756017How much did this cost before the re-release? 80.41 USD is what I paid.
    9 months ago
    How much did this cost before the re-release?
    9 months ago
    Selling for 110 USD + free shipping in Canada! PM for details and pictures
    9 months ago
    Giving up pre-order from GoodSmileShop, contact me if you are interested!
    9 months ago
    Selling from Germany. Opened, but box and Figure in perfect condition. 120 Euros + Shipping.
    10 months ago
    I'm selling mine $120 with free shipping :)
    11 months ago
    Candytwister1 year ago#51656467Interested! hi! I dm'd you!
    1 year ago
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