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  • chapters03 years ago#16036598anybody have the picture of the box?? i heard they spelt uchiha wrong

    they always spell it "Uchiwa" on their blog, I wouldn't be surprised if they spelled it wrong on the box.

    edit: yup, that's exactly what they did picture/1650366...
    3 years ago
    anybody have the picture of the box?? i heard they spelt uchiha wrong
    3 years ago
    Sunildatt Wretched Egg
    Tsume confirmed my delivery address 3 times yet still messed up. The package went to another house in another city. After many phone calls, I finally recieved Itachi, obito and lee today but there wasn't any shipping protection at all in the box. The figure boxes were all shaking around like crazy. It's a miracle they aren't damaged at all.
    3 years ago
    I paid 120€ on shipping for all four together so that is 30€ each I live in the U.Schapters03 years ago#15926889roughly how much was shipping to canada? or the states since it seems to be similar
    3 years ago
    Yeah same here no matter what I'm keeping besides itachi was by far the best character in naruto along with pain shiroiusagi3 years ago#15924203Oh thanks :)
    Indeed the hqs is a lot darker and I like it more but it's good anyway.
    3 years ago
    was shipping 30euro for u guys too?? i feel like thats a bit too high?!
    3 years ago
    NOT happy!! Ordered all three (Obito, Lee, and Itachi) together and payed separate shipping for each which was very expensive. Received all three in one box with no extra padding on the sides. Each box was only wrapped with a thin onion skin paper. TNT delivered the main box with a HUGE dent. Opened it and found all three contents with dents and tears on their boxes!! Not impressed Tsume. NOT impressed.

    Tsume explained the reason for shipping in one box:
    "Shipping your 3 items in one box or in 3 different boxes will not affect the shipping fees for the simple reason that it is calculated according to the total weight of the content".

    They will also provide me with new boxes for all three figures. I'm taking back what I said. I am somewhat impressed now. Good customer service.
    3 years ago
    chapters03 years ago#15928192it says preoder there...i was hoping for in stock

    Ah, yeah they're based in the US, so their stock hasn't reached them yet. It should soon though. Good luck finding them
    3 years ago
    rivalappears3 years ago#15928123Kolektakon does Kolektakon.com/...
    it says preoder there...i was hoping for in stock
    3 years ago
    chapters03 years ago#15927780wtf tsume site wont let me register...when i write my info and click register the same page comes without my name and email T_T..is there any place that still has them?

    Kolektakon does Kolektakon.com/...
    3 years ago
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