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Comments • SoniComi (Super Sonico) - Sonico - 1/6 - 10th Anniversary Wedding Ver. (Good Smile Company)

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    Selling mine, minor color Transfer on her BUtt and sadly a scratch on her cown of the head (came this way from Solaris Japan) Reason: reducing the collection. 110€, from Germany + Shipping. PM me if interested.

    8 days ago
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    1 month ago
    I absolutely love this statue. however my only gripe on this is that the garter strap going to her left leg is a tad bit short and doesn't go into the hole properly.
    2 months ago
    She's super cute, but i almost wanted to return her.

    Besides the long waiting, i struggled a lot putting her on the base. I had to use some heat in order to place her leg on the base, and this took me around one hour.

    Secondly, the gap on her torso. I understand that she's come in pieces in order to make it easier to asseble, but that gap is just killing my eyes.

    She kinda leans on her leg, and i'm afraid that one day she'll surely break.

    The base is soft and a nice touch for the figure, but if you scratch it with the dress, the marks will remain there.
    2 months ago
    KryoFrostleaf (3 months ago) #53480838I also have the bouquet problem, the hand is aiming straight at the hair which doesn't leave enough space to fit the bouquet.
    I eventually got mine on with careful wrangling.

    Remove the head, insert the bouquet, then very carefully put the head on by tilting it backwards, so that the hair will be in front of the bouquet and push into it carefully as you lower the head. Good luck!
    3 months ago
    chirp (5 months ago) #48021795The hair on mine blocks the hand that is supposed to be holding the bouquet, and the left side garter strap might need a hair drier to prise it in.
    Does anyone else have either problem? I'm a bit annoyed.

    I also have the bouquet problem, the hand is aiming straight at the hair which doesn't leave enough space to fit the bouquet.
    3 months ago
    Beware!! Bootlegs are now on eBay! They don't have the red base, accessories and dress
    3 months ago
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