Comments Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso - Miyazono Kaori - 1/8 - Shifuku ver., ~Arima Kousei to no Deai~ (Aniplex)

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    Looking to buy this figure for a reasonable price. Pretty low on budget and I know this is not the easiest deal but if anyone is willing please inform me.I don't mind if the birds are not included. I'm mostly interested in the figure itself. Thank you!
    7 days ago
    Looking to purchase!
    7 days ago
    In stock @ Neokyo
    Today, 24444 yen on Amazon Japan.
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    Only ¥250 fee, 45 days free storage.
    Would love to have this figure.. if anyone is selling or willing to trade for something I own please pm me
    28 days ago
    Thinking about selling this figure for funds for school. Please PM with offers. The minimum is $420 + shipping. She's in excellent condition, comes with all her parts. Box does have a bit of scratch but the figure is in excellent condition.
    U.S Buyers only.
    Box: B condition
    Figure: A condition

    2 months ago
    PLEASE I want this figure so badly omg

    Someone please sell her to me I will literally die for you

    I got her :)
    2 months ago
    giantenemykat ayaka haver!
    April is almost over. LF in the US preferably!
    3 months ago
    looking to buy in the u.s. have high budget. pm me :))
    3 months ago
    Selling mine! Perfect condition. Europe preferably, excluding UK due to shipping suspension.
    3 months ago
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