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Comments • Fate/Grand Order - Altria Pendragon (Lancer) - 1/8 (Good Smile Company)

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    Selling my PO for her from TOM!
    25 days ago
    Giving up this preorder. Please pm me if you need more infos

    Edit: She will come from Italy, so I have to warn all the US customers that there will be custom fees as well.
    And most important, I guarantee that this is not a scam or else. In case you want more proofs I will be glad to give you every info you need.
    1 month ago
    Available for pre-order @ Manga-Mafia.de (254.99€)
    You can preorder till 2019-12-31
    Preorder now
    About 280 USD | 30125 JPY
    Milady-Alluca Obnoxiously Wordy
    Reinier (1 month ago) #66613664I guess it pays to pre-order stuff early sometimes.Yea that's pretty normal for a lot of POs on AmiAmi. The price gets a little higher/the discount lessens until release when the price can even go to a no discount price (can't recall exact items but I order lots of goods and different kinds of figures and see this with lots of items that I order at least). But yea, as you saw, the price you see at time of ordering sticks in your order history so you keep the discount while those later to the party have to pay a higher price.
    1 month ago
    I was just looking through my AmiAmi pre-orders list to see whats up with this figure and when its getting released and I noticed that AmiAmi changed the price from ¥20,580 to ¥23,800, the price in my order history didnt change though so thats good. I wonder why they decided to raise her price while shes still in the pre-order period, I guess it pays to pre-order stuff early sometimes.
    1 month ago
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