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Comments • Wagaya no Liliana-san - Liliana - 1/6 (Native, Rocket Boy)

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    Just picked mine up from the Post Office. Definitely agree with others that its a big figure for 1/6 as Liliana is noticeably bigger then my Kyonyuu Fantasy Isis ITEM #167380 except perhaps for her head and bust.

    Same great Native quality too, although it is quite clear looking from above that the top of her hair is split into many different parts. Otherwise I do not notice any glaringly obvious gaps in the connections between her clothed parts (not planning on displaying her with the alternative ones.)

    I do hope that Aoi Nagisa and Lilith continue to allow Native/Rocket Boy to continue making Taimanin figures! Like Axyun, I hope for an Asagi and/or Rinko figure of similar size and quality to accompany Liliana in a great action pose!
    8 days ago
    Lister (8 days ago) #65408995Got a "Preparation in progress" email today.

    Got the email now too. Sweet!
    8 days ago
    FN80 (8 days ago) #65388498Has anyone got their fig shipped from NY yet? I havent heard from them..
    Got a "Preparation in progress" email today.
    8 days ago
    Has anyone got their fig shipped from NY yet? I havent heard from them..
    8 days ago
    She arrived, she looks amazing and yes this figure is really big. I'm pretty happy with this purchase.
    9 days ago
    She just arrived earlier today. There's no way this is a 1/6 scale. I'd say its closer to 1/5.5 but not quite 1/5. She's huge even when you take into account the pose. She definitely dwarfs my other 1/6 figures from the length of the legs to the size of the head and body.

    Quality is great, as expected from Native. She does have a slight blemish on one of the thighs of the clothed torso but its not terribly noticeable. The naked torso does not have this problem. It also feels like she can support herself well enough without the metal support. No matter how I placed it, there was barely much weight on it. I'd say that if you keep her static, she probably doesn't need it.

    Her legs come off really easy to swap for the other torso but the breasts require a lot more force to remove. I only wish there was an Asagi and/or Rinko of similar size to accompany her.
    10 days ago
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    MeleeHell (13 days ago) #65180172yeah that is really strange, any TY for the link though would be 1st using NY

    Glad to be of help!
    13 days ago
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