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Comments • Spider-Man: Homecoming - Peter Parker - Spider-Man - Nendoroid #781 - Homecoming Edition (Good Smile Company)

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    In stock @ Solaris Japan (¥13,510)

    Brand New for ¥13,510
    └ Packed with recycled materials ♻
    In stock @ Ninoma (MFC Partner) (¥14,300)

    Product page : www.ninoma.com/...
    Official new item , shipped worldwide from Japan
    About 127 USD | 107 EUR | 159 CAD
    Looking to buy, prefer BNIB, send me an offer!
    9 days ago
    Selling mine (used) for $65, PM for details! Sold!
    1 month ago
    Looking to buy. Preferable shipped from Europe
    1 month ago
    Looking to buy. Message me if you're interested. Also looking for the Deadpool Nendoroid.
    1 month ago
    Anyone selling? :')
    2 months ago
    Looking to buy

    please save me im begging you

    I found him haha y e s but if youre still selling for a good price hmu bc you can never have too many spider-mans
    2 months ago
    Suppi12 (4 months ago) #31419792Sorry to jump in conversation but
    I'd love to own a whole avenger team of nendos too and T'challa with Shuri be so cute!
    But from a boring business perspective I can see why goodsmile are playing it safe.
    Unlike anime characters/cute female nendos/waifus it's such a bigger risk for them to make western superhero nendos that may not sell well especially to their Japanese market. Hence why lots of iron man's and spider man since they are so popular in Japan.
    Tho i am super glad they are making baby step progress with cap,thor,Loki etc.
    Natasha I'm doubtful as even in the west they are not many Nat figures/merch compared to all the male Avengers.

    The reason for that is the 'oh no kid wants an action figure of a female hero, they only want the guys' thinking Marvel had for a very long time. But this has changed a lot over the past years thanks to people like James Gunn who negotiate with toy companies to make all the main characters, not just the guys. And trust me, Nat figures sell like hot cakes. I mean, she's got like how many Hot Toys? 5? 6 with the Infinity War one.

    mickey (4 months ago) #31420147By the way, don't you have the #545 Iron Man that has half the base/ tower from Age of Ultron? That should make your Cap less lonely :P
    My Cap is lonely coz he doesn't have his squad which is Bucky, Sam and Natasha. ;) No Iron Man will change that, so no, I don't have that one. I don't really feel the need to have him either. Stevie has Peter for company for now so he's alright but still ... where's ma squad?! ToT
    4 months ago
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