Comments Touken Ranbu - Online - Taikogane Sadamune - Nendoroid (#910) (Orange Rouge)

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    Had this one for a bit but due to a move I couldn't put him together till now...
    This super cute character who's suppose to cheer me up but alas its one of those
    that just got too many parts and if you are not careful it will fall down like london bridge/are loose I don't know if I got a defect model.

    The standard refuses to stick in the back properly some other nendo's I have got this issue as well but other's do not hmmm~.
    One of his swords seperate from hilt and sheath very easily
    while trying to place on waist.
    The cape... is like a constant battle with the standard on the back and then there's
    still the hair and brooch parts who might come loose, never figured out how to do the hands behind back pose either.

    Edit: I found an amazon review which had the same problems I had, made mefeel better
    but in the end its hard to recommend a cute nendo when it just happens to be one of those that keep falling apart when putting it in a specific pose (usually just one time for me).
    8 months ago
    He looks adorable and genki, just looking at him cheers me up. ^~^
    1 year ago
    Konakona135 Teru-chan
    Selling for $40 + shipping from the US. Has been opened but displayed away from the sun for a week. Please PM if interested!
    1 year ago
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