Comments Xenoblade 2 - Homura - 1/7 (Good Smile Company, Max Factory)

  • Is the June 15th date on here correct or just a placeholder? I can’t find anything on there site about a official release day in June. I have been waiting so long for this figure I can’t remember if that date is new.
    6 days ago
    I am dying for AmiAmi to invoice me for this June pre-order!

    I don't know what all the BS below regarding PayPal and seller/buyer's tax is but I suggest they take it elsewhere as it is muddying up this figure's comment thread.
    9 days ago
    Whirblewind10 days ago#97803746Thought you'd enjoy this discussion: BLOG #44146
    Well with that argument maybe sellers should start charging sales tax because legally sellers have to charge that on any transaction but many on mfc don’t. I don’t like charging it because it’s 12% in Bc Canada, I just just don’t like charging it, because I don’t like being charged it when I buy something

    Here is some info if you want to read
    10 days ago
    Sorry can’t delete this for some reason
    10 days ago
    legendarysword10 days ago#97798995Bunch of stuff I didn't read because paragraphs.

    Thought you'd enjoy this discussion: BLOG #44146
    10 days ago
    Whirblewind13 days ago#97649653The real trick is to never pay paypal fees as a buyer. That's a burden the seller should always bare using the proper buy/sell channel and never gift transfers. This ensures both parties get a fair chance if it comes to paypal arbitration.

    I'm not trying to be rude of anything but I don't agree with that. most of us aren't professional sellers, and there is a lot of physical work involved in selling any item and most people on mfc don't charge a handling fee or sales taxes. Where as any website like Amazon or eBay most of the time will charge you a sales tax and then a shipping, then a separate handling fee on top of all of it (shipping and handling is usually just added together). The PayPal fee usually is only 3% - 5% depending on the country, where as a sales tax up to 12% ( its 12% up here in British Columbia Canada). I have bought and sold a lot on this website and other sites like eBay (ebay charges sellers an 15% fee right off the top before any paypal fee) and I have found most sellers on mfc are pretty fair, if some one doesn't want to pay the small fee I at least try and split it with them, if not depending on how much the sale is I might see if I can eat the cost some how ie try to re-use an old box and all the packing material to save money and maybe drop off the box to the post office when doing multiple errands instead of making a separate trip just to drop off the box at he post office but if I can't I might consider selling that figure to some one else or just hang on to it if things become to much of a hassle. If a seller is just charging a buyer just he sale price plus shipping and maybe the PayPal fee that seems pretty fair, they could be charging you for having to buy a box and packing material and fuel / travel time depending on how far away the post office is. I would never do the friends and family option because it just leaves both parties unprotected and e-transfer is bad as well! There actually are people that will send fake e-transfers and tell you to send the item while they show you that your payment is on the way and it will be completed when you send the item and send them proof of shipment, then after that you never hear from them and never get you money and the seller just got scammed out of that said item (happened to me with an iphone I was selling and I would have cost me $300 if I didnt get it back from the post office before it got shipped out after I told them I got scammed). We are all just people trying to make our way in the world.
    10 days ago
    hyperassasin9515 days ago#97597570MFC 101 - Rule No. 1: Never buy figures or anything from here, only from certified shops.

    Never huh.
    11 days ago
    Giving up amazonjapan preorder pm me.

    12 days ago
    I was not aware, I have heard of people doing that before in extreme cases. Good to know. Thank you
    Alexsey12 days ago#97743725Should be noted that paypal will ban your account if you do that.
    12 days ago
    Yspan12 days ago#97737054I would try disputing it directly through your bank. I've heard of people with this issue before and they get their money back that way.

    Should be noted that paypal will ban your account if you do that.
    12 days ago
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