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    Cinnamoron2 months ago#92344722I feel so bad that they’re having to upgrade everyone, especially when they gave these preorders discounted shipping years ago
    N-Y upgraded mine from Transi-Logistics to EMS, because T-L shipping isn't an option anymore. Of course meaning I paid VAT twice though. I wished they asked me beforehand, since I mostly use surface shipping.

    Anyway, that blister was pretty tight! I wonder why the moon shape isn't just glued.
    1 month ago
    Since I've gotten a few questions regarding size, weight, and why shipping is so expensive, I thought I'd make a separate comment regarding that.

    The weight seems to be roughly 6 lbs or so (a little less than 3 kg)
    The size of the box is something like 16"x16"x10.5"

    Because of the size of her box and two dimensions above 12", dimensional weight applies. In other words, you are charged for the density or theoretical weight and not by the actual weight of the box/item. I know, sounds dumb, but that is the nature of shipping. No matter who you ship her with, you're going to be charged for her dimension weight. The formula for US people is LxWxH/166. Ex: my 18x18x17 box has a dimensional weight of 33.2 lb rounded up to 34 lbs. I am technically being charged for shipping a 34 lb box/item in the shipping company's minds.

    Hopefully this clears the air some and can give people who want to buy her from here or elsewhere some idea on why her shipping from individual or third-party sellers might seem so high.
    2 months ago
    DHL shipping back to Amazon Japan after the damage to this one was $650 so...nope! I made an ad for the one I received with a bit of damage on the back left part of her box. $170 + shipping CLASSIFIED #231187 (Note: I took her out and she is perfectly fine)

    For some pictures I couldn't fit on the ad:
    2 months ago
    Chibi-Jibs Cosmic Mermaid
    Cinnamoron2 months ago#92344722
    I think at least they might only be doing it for the large items - because, I didn't get one for my Ena Nendoroid and she released far earlier than Sakura.
    2 months ago
    Got the same message from GSC. I feel so bad that they’re having to upgrade everyone, especially when they gave these preorders discounted shipping years ago.

    Excited to finally receive her! Hope she fits in the space I’ve been saving for her!
    2 months ago
    Chibi-Jibs Cosmic Mermaid
    Got an email about good smile upgrading her to fedex shipping that they'll start processing on march 2nd
    2 months ago
    I just got mine today and she's gorgeous!

    I'm in NZ so EMS is shipping to us at the moment so had no problems with postage. However I did see that her box fits exactly into the EMS box with no packing but there is actually quite a bit of deadair in her box. It feels like they decided she'll be sent out in this particular EMS box size and then built her box to fit that. Which is fine for me because I got Amiami's free shipping but I think that'll be jacking up the price for literally any other shipping method.
    2 months ago
    Tofukins2 months ago#91728111Finally got invoiced from Ami for her, surface shipping was 3,175 JPY but since I'm from Australia we had to pay GST of 2,168 JPY on top of shipping. Not bad, finally she will very slowly make her way back home <3
    Good luck, I hope she arrives safely! I'd love an update once she arrives as I'm also Aussie and DHL prices are putting a real dent in my wallet ;^; I know I could just select EMS but I don't like the thought of my items just sitting inside a warehouse collecting dust so I'm thinking of making the switch to more frugal options and would like to know what to expect from Surface. I'm just really afraid of boats I guess haha.

    Oh and GST is such a bitch D;
    2 months ago
    Just got mine today from AmiAmi.

    I had a small piece of frill break off at the back of her dress so I'd recommend being careful when prying open the blister packaging.
    I was a bit forceful cause it just wouldn't budge so it could of been that or I was just unlucky and it broke before then.

    Other than that, this figure is incredible and well worth it.
    2 months ago
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