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Comments • Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari - Raphtalia - 1/7 (Kotobukiya)

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    elvenstein (5 minutes ago) #75864850Just got an email from TOM that this is delayed until April.

    I saw. Same with Shinra. I'm guessing GEM ed&al will be next along with yousei
    1 minute ago
    httpCasey (7 days ago) #75633282Wahhhh hurry up TOM

    Just got an email from TOM that this is delayed until April.
    5 minutes ago
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    I broke the steel sword... The illusion sword pommel was super stubborn so I tried the steel one by applying the same amount of strenght and it snapped like butter (the pommel insertion)...
    But seriously, that little illusion sword pommel requires a LUDICROUS amount of PULL to come off, it's almost comical.
    2 days ago
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    Risity (7 days ago) #75633114Received, really nice Raph figure

    Wahhhh hurry up TOM
    7 days ago
    Received, really nice Raph figure
    7 days ago
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    It’s used in the show as her “we want her to be murderous and aggressive in fights but not have a bloodbath or her have to fatally injure everyone she beats” weapon. It’s gives her a way to basically put her sword on “stun”. Without it, she’d leave quite a trail of characters’ corpses.
    Tidan (12 days ago) #75407233It is the magic sword that the blacksmith gives to Raphtalia before Melty's arc really kicks off, if I remember correctly. It doesn't deal physical but, instead, ethereal/ spiritual damage. We do see it used in the anime.
    8 days ago
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