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    Just got mine and I'm dissapointed. The patterns on kimono are glued and you can see it. The butterfly in hands looks more like two leafs stick together. Hair pin is awfully paint. And this lips should be in lighter colour, it's not look right. I have prize figures with better paint job.
    In distance it still looks pretty but it was overprized.
    7 days ago
    Considering all the other much more noticeable quality issues with the figure this is a nitpick but I just can’t get over the butterfly. Based on the art it’s clearly a real butterfly but the one on the figure looks like a butterfly hairclip at best. The concept of this figure was so beautiful, it’s a shame it wasn’t done justice at the hands of UC’s poor execution and qc.
    14 days ago
    Got mine today! Shes very beautiful but the kimono print is added with water slides and thus has some defects. Mine got fibers stuck to the paint on some parts and the butterfly does lay flat vs wing folded up like THE PRINT ON THE BOX. The legs also were tricky to attach to the base, i had to bend them a bit to get it to attach. For what i paid i wish QC was better. Shes still very stunning over all and defects arent noticeable till looking up close.
    15 days ago
    Alright, mine has arrived as well. The figure too suffers from quality problems, or rather a large quantity of careless spots. Mostly leftover plastic and a few dents, also a red spot in her face (will erase it later probably). Each of their own is not that bad but there are really many of them. I did not have the problem of dirty paint or fingerprints someone reported.

    Three things are very noticeable:
    -The kimono pattern is premade and then glued on, not painted on as is the case with Aniplex or Goodsmile Kimonos. The stickers are much more glossy than the overall yellow paint and thus it looks bad. The PT was completely painted and thus is misleading advertising.
    -The butterfly does not have its wings half folded like in the promo pictures, it lays flat. Does not look as good.
    -The mouth is very red instead of a more subtle color as in the prototype, again not as nice.
    15 days ago
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    20 days ago
    oof dodged a bullet by cancelling her. "UC has improved" they said.
    21 days ago
    I just told my friend that the "UC" also stands for "un-quality control" and she seemed to find that funny enough for me to share lol
    22 days ago
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