Comments Shingeki no Kyojin - Levi - Nendoroid (#390) (Good Smile Company)

  • Looking to buy this little guy. Re-run version is fine. Preferably unopened or an A/B rating or higher for figure/box. Not looking to spend what most stores are selling him for at this point in time. Located in US. PM me if anyone has offers. :)
    4 months ago
    sledgehammah8 months ago#68960995Looking for him, located in USA. Feel free to DM!

    messaged you
    5 months ago
    anyone selling him?
    5 months ago
    Looking for him, located in USA. Feel free to DM!
    8 months ago
    Selling mine for £35, UK only, PM if interested.
    9 months ago
    Person wanting him fell through so I'm still selling him. Last of my snk collections.

    PM me an offer. I ship within the states!
    10 months ago
    Finally got the original one after my parents and friends gifted me 3 bootleg Levis xD
    11 months ago
    Selling!! used $100
    11 months ago
    Looking for him, located in US. PM me if you're selling!
    11 months ago
    Anyone selling him used in Germany/Europe for cheap?
    I'm also interesed if something is broken or defect! Please PM me :)
    1 year ago
Buy from Japan. Easier than ever.