Comments Imouto sae Ireba Ii. - Kani Nayuta - 1/7 (Kotobukiya)

  • She just arrived today!!!
    I used a proxy service and still got her at a cheaper price (shipping included) than the original retail price... Feelsgoodman

    Edit: I'm also interested in the Kotobukiya extra face plate if anyone doesn't want theirs
    2 years ago
    EvoxMega2 years ago#32736266Looking to buy her, PM if selling.

    Might be willing to let mine go if you still need her. I can let you know for sure next week if you're still interested.
    2 years ago
    Looking to buy her, PM if selling.
    2 years ago
    Ah I wish she got another fig , I dont like this one.
    2 years ago
    Every episode of this show makes me love her even more. <3
    2 years ago
    Available for pre-order @ iXu Deviance (141.60€)
    Available for pre-order @ GoodsRepublic
    Free Shipping woldwide from Japan.
    Sold at Goods Republic ==> goodsrepublic.c...
    TheKillerAngel Vigilo Confido

    She has another figure with a pouty face offered through Bandai's store.
    2 years ago
    Limited ver.: www.biginjap.co...
    2 years ago
    jzdavid2 years ago#27442701uhmm Proxy service and BiJ has the bonus face. :)

    I don't do proxy. Guess I'll be skipping the extra face and saving the $20+. It doesn't really jump out to me the more I look at it anyway.
    2 years ago
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