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.GOs/Splits List..GOs/Splits List.

sammihung11 months ago4 days ago
~GOs/Split List~
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ミ☆Current Splits
Box Splits on Group Order
» thread/16536 Ten Count RabaQ | OCT2019
» thread/16704 Notty Series Given Trading Acrylic Keychain | OCT2019
» thread/16586 Pita! Deforme Kimetsu no Yaiba Acrylic Keychain vol.2 | NOV2019
» thread/16547 Haikyuu!! Trading Ani-Art Acrylic Keychain Ver.A | NOV2019
» thread/16606 Boku no Hero Academia Omanjuu Vol. 2 | DEC2019
» thread/16666 Demon Slayer Bandage Vol. 2 | DEC2019
» thread/16680 Bungo Stray Dogs Retro Chic Acrylic Keychain Nekozukin ver. | DEC2019
» thread/16704 Given Retro Chic Acrylic Keychain | DEC2019
» thread/16704 Given Tsunagarun Trading Acrylic Keychain | DEC2019
» thread/16666 Demon Slayer Bandage Vol. 3 | JAN2020
» thread/16741 Free! -Dive to the Future- Omanjuu| FEB2020
» thread/16737 CRAFTHOLIC x My Hero Academia Plush Mascot w/Tin Badge | MAR2020
» thread/16749 Kimetsu no Yaiba Omanjuu VOL.3 | MAR2020

Splits on Let's Split Nendoroids!
» Rokudou Mukuro - Nendoroid #1063 | OCT2019
» Xanxus - Nendoroid #1135 | MAR2020

View spoilerHide spoiler» Boku no Hero Academia Slim Clear File | RELEASED moved to sales
» Pita! Deforme BNHA UA Dorm Acrylic Keychain | MAY2019 moved to sales
» The Promised Neverland Petanko Trading Rubber Strap | MAY2019
» Boku no Hero Academia Mochi Mochi Mascot vol.2 | JUN2019
» My Hero Academia Eraser/Pencil Rubber Strap | JUN2019
» Pita! Deforme The Promised Neverland Acrylic Keychain | JUN2019
» Bungo Stray Dogs Oyasumi Acrylic Strap | JUN2019
» Pita! BNHA Casual Outfit acrylics keychains | RELEASED moved to sales
» Pita! Deforme Boku no Hero Academia Gekitotsu Acrylic | RELEASED moved to sales
» Animate BNHA Mochi Mochi Tsum Mascot | JAN2019
» My Hero Academia Omamori Collection | OCT2018 moved to sales
» pita! Deforme BNHA Genkai Toppa Acrylic Keychain | JAN2019 moved to sales
» pita! Deforme BNHA Raincoat Acrylic Keychain | JAN2019 moved to sales
» pita! Deforme BNHA Provincial License Acrylic Keychain | FEB2019 moved to sales
» Kurose Riku - Nendoroid #1004 | JUN2019 CANCELLED
» Shirotani Tadaomi - Nendoroid #1005 | JUL2019 CANCELLED
» Erwin Smith - Nendoroid #775 | JAN2018 moved to sales
» Amuro Tooru - Nendoroid #834 | JAN2019 moved to sales
» My Hero Academia Tin Badge | AUG2019 CANCELLED
» My Hero Academia Mini Shikishi | AUG2019 CANCELLED
» thread/16426 Pita! Deforme My Hero Academia Let's Eat! Acrylic Keychain | AUG2019
» thread/16493 Pita! Deforme Bungou Stray Dogs Ability ver. Acrylic | AUG2019
» thread/16434 es Series nino Rubber Strap Collection Bungo Stray Dogs | SEP2019
» thread/16519 Pita! Deforme The Promised Neverland Acrylic Keychain vol.2 | SEP2019
» thread/16631 Given Omanjuu | SEP2019
» thread/16666 Demon Slayer Bandage Vol. 1 | SEP2019
» thread/16635 Animate Exclusive My Hero Academia Survival Camp Pita! Keychain/Nitotan Strap | OCT2019

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Comments5 comments

Bought: R6 Kirishima
- OC6 Kirishima
- CO5 Kirishima
- UA6 Kirishima
- MT5 Kirishima
- LE8 Kirishima
Rating: Positive
super great splitter, communicated with me super well and even went out of their way to inform me of other kirishima items so I could get a lot of good itabag fodder!! absolutely no complaints, great quality with everything!
1 month ago
Bought: ITEM #675970 and ITEM #675975
Rating: Positive
Super friendly, honest and efficient person, very attentive and available to answer questions and send photos. Sends quickly and carefully. It's a pleasure to do business with Sammi ! 100% recommended !! Thank you again !
5 months ago
Bought: ITEM #703181
Rated: Positive
Seller contacted me about an ISO post and shipped quickly and very efficiently within a day of receiving my payment. Definitely recommend!
7 months ago
Bought: Sailor Rin Matsuoka figure
Rating: 5/5 Positive
Sammi was very kind and helpful throughout the whole process, and kept me updated well, shopping items fast and carefully!! Highly recommend :D
7 months ago
Bought: Shigaraki raincoat Pita
Rating: 5/5
Comments: A friendly seller, all replies were fast and to the point. Shipping was quick and the Pita arrived in perfect condition.
Would definitely buy from again and recommend as well! Thanks!
7 months ago
Buy from Japan. Easier than ever.


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