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Valerie2 years ago29 days ago
List updated after each sale! If something is in it, it is for sale.
All boxless and displayed (except for ~ 5 new), the condition differs from flawless to some minor scratches. Very few are broken. Prices will be adjusted accordingly :) Please ask about each figure.
All bought with AmiAmi and some other Japanese sellers (Hobby Japan, Solaris Japan), everything's authentic. Boxes are missing because I had a collection of over 300 pieces and had no storage place for the boxes, sorry :P

Scroll down to the comment section here or VALERIE to read comments from my buyers :) If interested you can also visit my list of already sold items LIST #113700
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Comments92 comments

Hello. How much for item Item #332303?
6 months ago
How much for ITEM #332303
1 year ago
Hi! How much are you selling ITEM #720 for?
1 year ago
Good evening, i am interested in Kafun Shoujo Chuuihou! - Hanazono Aki - 1/7 (Orchid Seed) please PM if still available!
1 year ago
Hello, how much are you selling sonico for?
1 year ago
Valerie1 year ago#81924429I decided to keep her, sorry)
No worries I'm glad she'll be loved^ ^
1 year ago
recitalfigures1 year ago#81512184how much on love is war miku statue? I decided to keep her, sorry)
1 year ago
how much on love is war miku statue?
1 year ago
Price on mitsuru from persona
1 year ago
Hi! How much were you selling Alice (Queen's gate)
1 year ago
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