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Shop Policy

1) To be put on the waiting list for an item, you need to request a quote (PM me your zipcode or shipping destination if you're international).
2) If you're first in line, the item will be held for you for 72 hours after the quote is given.
3) The hold on the item ends when:
- You either agree or decline to purchase.
- You have not replied by the end of those 72 hours, in which the transaction will be cancelled and I will move on to the next customer in line.
Whichever comes first.
Please note that even if there are no buyers behind you and you request to be put on the waiting list again, the 72-hour hold is NOT renewable.
4) If you agree to purchase, an invoice will be sent and you'll be given 48 hours to submit payment through paypal. If payment is not received by the end of those 48 hours, the transaction will be cancelled and I will move on to the next customer on the waiting list.
5) After I confirm receipt of payment, a tracking # will be sent to you and I will ship out the package as soon as I find time to go to the post office.
**NOTE: I am NOT responsible for the item(s) after the package has been dropped off at the post office. I promise to pack the item(s) as securely as possible before sending out. Should the package be damaged during transit to the destination, you should file a complaint with your local postal service. If you would you like insurance, please mention so before submitting payment.



Yune nendo petit: CLASSIFIED #60966 ($5)

Touhou nendo petit set 2 [USED]: CLASSIFIED #85756 ($20)

Bakemonogatari nendo petit set 1: ($20)
Bakemonogatari nendo petit set 2: ($20)
Bakemonogatari nendo petit set 3: ($20)

Bakemonogatari R-style - Senjougahara: ($15)
Bakemonogatari R-style - Nadeko: ($15)

Black Rock shooter nendo petit set 1: ($20)
Black Rock shooter nendo petit set 2 (school ver): ($20)

TR Suwarase set #5 - Hachisuka: ($5)
TR Suwarase set #5 - Namazuo: ($5)
TR Suwarase set #5 - Horikawa: ($4)
TR Suwarase set #5 - Hizamaru: ($9)
TR Suwarase set #5 - Daihannya: ($8)
TR Suwarase set #6 - Kogitsunemaru x2: ($9)
TR Suwarase set #6 - Mutsunokami: ($9)
TR Suwarase set #6 - Higekiri x2:($9)
TR Suwarase set #6 - Taikogane: ($3)

Scales & Non-scales

Ichiban Kuji Kyun Chara Kamina: CLASSIFIED #187360 ($45)

Chara-forme Komaeda: ($80)

DR Furyu Komaeda: ($100)
DR Furyu Komaeda (uniform): ($40)
DR Furyu Kirigiri (Last Prize): ($55)
DR Furyu Junko (Last Prize): ($70)


Izayoi Sakuya nendo: ($35)
Remilia Scarlet nendo [USED]: ($30)
Flandre Scarlet nendo [USED]: ($30)

Kashuu Kiyomitsu nendo: CLASSIFIED #188424 ($45)
Heshikiri Hasebe nendo: CLASSIFIED #208340 ($45)
Doudanuki Masakuni nendo: CLASSIFIED #208768 ($45)
Kasen Kanesada nendo: CLASSIFIED #209540 ($40)
Hachisuka Kotetsu nendo: CLASSIFIED #210474 ($40)
Monoyoshi Sadamune nendo: ($45)
Hotarumaru nendo: ($55)

Phichit Chulanont nendo: ($45)
Otabek Altin nendo: ($46)

Madoka nendo (uniform ver): ($30)
Homura nendo (uniform ver): ($30)
Mami nendo (uniform ver): ($30)
Kyouko & Sayaka nendos (uniform & casual clothes ver): ($68)
Sayaka-ONLY nendo (uniform ver): ($20)
Devil Homura nendo: ($80)

Nanoha nendo: ($20)
Fate nendo: ($20)
Nanoha nendo (full-action): ($18)
Fate nendo (full-action): ($22)
Nanoha & Fate nendos (uniform ver): ($60)

Black Rock Shooter nendo [USED]: ($15)
Dead master nendo: ($20)

Miku 2.0 nendo: ($30)

Nakajima Atsushi nendo: ($40)

Hishida Sunsou nendo: ($40)

Elsa nendo: ($50)
Belle nendo: ($50)

Tamamo no Mae nendo: ($40)

Yoshino nendo: ($40)

Maruyama Aya nendo: ($39)
Minato Yukina nendo: ($38)

Chibi-arts Cure Peach [USED]: ($20)
Chibi-arts Cure Marine [USED]: ($20)
Chibi-arts Cure Moonlight [USED]: ($20)
Chibi-arts Kurumi Erika [USED]: ($20)
Chibi-arts Cure Peace: ($40)
Chibi-arts Kise Yayoi: ($40)

Nendoroid Co-de Minami Mirei (Candy Alamode): ($20)
Nendoroid Co-de Minami Mirei (Magical Clown): ($20)
Nendoroid Co-de Todou Shion (Baby Monster): ($20)
Nendoroid Co-de Leona West & Dorothy West (Fortune Party): ($25)
Nendoroid Co-de Falulu (Marionette Mu): ($40)
Nendoroid Co-de Shiratama Mikan (Silky Heart): ($35)
Nendoroid Co-de Kurosu Aroma (Holic Trick Classic): ($40)


**Please keep in mind that I will NOT sell any nendos from the below sets separately nor will I do mixed bundles (i.e. switching certain nendos out for other nendos).

Yagen nendo + Ichigo nendo: CLASSIFIED #205904 ($100)
Ookanehira nendo + Uguisumaru nendo: CLASSIFIED #206441 ($100)
Nikkari nendo + Juzumaru nendo: CLASSIFIED #206914 ($95)
Namazuo nendo + Honebami nendo: ITEM #675844 ($100)
Date-gumi set (includes Tsurumaru nendo, Shokudaikiri nendo, Ookurikara nendo and Taikogane nendo): CLASSIFIED #204288 ($200)

Katsuki Yuuri (casual ver) nendo + Victor Nikiforov (coach ver) nendo: CLASSIFIED #189378 ($110)

Karasuno jersey set (includes [first release] Hinata nendo + Kageyama nendo): CLASSIFIED #198468 ($120)

Sherlock Shellingford nendo (exclusive) + Akechi Kokoro nendo [USED]: ($60)



Nitotan Atsushi: CLASSIFIED #186792 ($15)

Nitotan Asahi: CLASSIFIED #187826 ($25)
Nitotan Ikuya: ($25)
Nitotan Rin: ($25)
Nitotan Sousuke: ($25)



Durarara Shizuo cushion: ($5)
Durarara Masaomi/Mikado keychain: ($5)

Go! Princess Precure Cure Twinkle SD key chain:
Go! Princess Precure Cure Scarlet SD key chain:
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