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dead-wolfwood2 years ago1 year ago
I have my own Etsy store and eBay account I use to buy/sell on. Please check there for feedback!
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I'm in the middle of selling my entire JoJo collection! I just disassembled my itabag and have a LOT of stuff to sell from it. Please check the cut below the picture for prices! I have a lot more pictures in my SALES album.

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Shipping is 4 USD domestic (US), 10 USD to Canada, and 11 USD everywhere else. I cannot ship to Germany. Price will go higher if the items are exceptionally heavy/large!

- 94 Jonathan (with some Dio) buttons: These are all made by me of official art! I'm willing to sell these all as a lot for 10 USD. Super good for starting your itabag!!
- Other buttons (stars by 277yen, Dio by taxikun, Jonadio by me): 1 USD each (1 star button sold)
- Official TCG card I can send by greeting card for 1 USD total and 2 USD total int'l.
- Mini Dio dakimakura keychain by Deckitout: 3 USD
- Official voice keychain (blue): still works! 4 USD
- Official PPP keychain (ITEM #761982): 8 USD
- All fanmade keychains (my art, taxikun, daniarts, justchien) 4 USD each (My Jonathan head keychain sold)
- Official rubber keychains (1 of ITEM #574200, 2 of ITEM #574201): 10 USD each
- Blue resin brooch: 1 USD
- Amigurumi doll (has a removable backpack): 15 USD

Feel free to offer!


- Any of the JoJo stuff on my profile! Feel free to ask about them!
- Yang Wen-Li parts in the Let's Split Nendoroids club: thread/16953
- Midorima Shintarou parts in the Let's Split Nendoroids club: thread/16953

So long as items are on this list, they're up for sale. I remove them once sold.

Feel free to PM or comment for any questions!
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I'll also leave a feedback in CLUB #1701 when your thread is made!
From: an LSN buyer
Thread: [USA*][dead-wolfwood][Selling] 951 + 1062 PARTS *Updated 5/13/20
Comments: Quick with communication and shipment! Everything was well packaged (pretty packaging)! Thank you
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