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Paulichu4 years ago2 years ago
My Sailor Moon Collection

I've been a Sailor Moon collector since about 2006, although a fan since Sailor Moon first began airing in North America. The majority of my collection consists of figurines, but I collect just about anything Sailor Moon related as long as it's an item I enjoy.

I also paint garage kits. Most of the kits on my list are recasts. Original Sailor Moon kits are faaar too expensive to buy. If we ever see new kits in the future I will attempt to get my hands on official versions to support the anime.

I am also an avid fan of fan art and creations. Especially Kuma Crafts, Blobble (dA), and various other popular artists, both North American and Japanese.

In regards to media not allowed on MFC I own North American DVD releases from season 1 to 4, as well as the movies, various CDs, cards, and advertisements.
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