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yuu12riku5 years ago4 years ago
Please leave me feedback if you are buying or getting items from my Group Split. Also please kindly write down how many days shipping took to your country, also the packaging (too much or need more protection etc).

Thank you =3
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Very responsive and fast shipping! Took less time to be delivered to East Coast U.S. than SAL registered mail!
1 month ago
I received everything safely and well packed, in about a month, I joined three splits (it was really convenient for the final international shipping) and everything was fine! I also won a raffle for P5 cocorot, and she was lovely to give to me her slot of Futaba! Thank you so much!!
2 months ago
Really nice and profesional split. Received Nero keychain safe and sound. Very pleased with the over all experience.
Shipped to NYC and arrived in a little under a month.
Thanks ~
3 months ago
Participated in a rubber strap split, everything went smoothly, thank you! The packaging was good too, though I didn't keep track how long shipping took. I assume about two weeks, as I received it on 6th August (Nitotan Rin)!
4 months ago
Such a friendly person. My package arrived quickly, and the items were protected very well. Thanks so much!
6 months ago
Thank you! So kind and trustworthy, came quickly and was packaged nice. Always nice to be part of your splits :)
9 months ago
Really late feedback, sorry. Participated in about 3~5 Group Orders, and many other things I ordered individually from her. Respond quickly, keep us up-to-date with her state/condition/plan (such as in slow response mode etc), ship items quickly, and the items I received always in best condition. Packaging is excellent. Reached my country in- nah, so far we live in the same country.

Helped me many times with things I can't asked anywhere else, can't thank her enough
10 months ago
Got my coasters and charm today, well packaged and safe. Thank you so much!
10 months ago
Great shipping and arrived swiftly! Thanks again!
11 months ago
just got my charms today!! they arrived quickly and in perfect condition. i'll definitely consider participating in future splits.
11 months ago
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