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agcpictures7 years ago3 months ago
Most items have been listed on my blog in various sales posts. Feel free to PM me if you need availability and pricing info!

Priority for cash/local pickup in Little Tokyo (Los Angeles, CA). Otherwise, buyer is responsible for all PayPal and shipping fees.

Check my profile for feedback info!
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Hi there! I want to know if you still have the Sohou Reina from Witchblade up for sale. I'd buy it off you in a heartbeat!
6 months ago
Interested in Kazami Mizuho 1/5.5. Still on sale? Is the hair still in great shape? Any recent pics?
4 years ago
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Im interested in taiga for about 40 USD Total dunno how high shipping is so if its 30 USD i understand that you refuse!

Is she unopened or not?

Also like shinobu but i quite spend a lot so..
5 years ago
Do you have any prices for your items? I'm interested in most of your Ichigo Mashimaro figures. ^_^
5 years ago
Want to know about Narusegawa from Epoch, in what condition is she and how much you are asking for her. Please let me know. Thanks.
5 years ago
Just want to know more information abotu Reina from Witchblade. How much are you selling her for and what condition she is in? Also would like to know more information about Alucard how much it is and what condition it is in? Please PM me when you can and if you are still selling them.

Thank you!
5 years ago
Let's Enjoy OTAKU Life!


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