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Buy from Japan. Easier than ever.


kranberrijam3 years ago3 months ago
☆Last Updated on October 29th, 2017☆
Removed sold items.

Items are going up at my eBay store now, so be sure to check it out every week!

Lack of space means, well, have to move some of my collection! I also am listing some of my husband's collection.

Everything in this list is for sale. If it is not listed in my shop (or my husband's), please PM me for my asking price/item condition/photos. I keep my items in a smoke-free house and most of them have boxes and are in great condition. I may give a discount if you purchase multiple items.

Serious interest ONLY.
I ask this because I get boxes on an as-needed basis, due to space. Also, I will not hold items for any length of time.

- Check out my MyFig feedback here.
- Payment will only be accepted via Paypal in US dollars.
- The buyer will NOT be asked to pay for Paypal's fees.
- Buyer will be responsible for shipping. I only ship via USPS Priority Mail.
- International customers will be responsible for any customs and/or taxes their country may charge.

I am willing to trade for items on my Needed for Kagamine Army list, though I may turn down a request. PM me for details.

Thanks for your interest!
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Buy from Japan. Easier than ever.


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