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My splits, sales & feedbackMy splits, sales & feedback

xueren4 years ago2 months ago
Leftovers / unwanted stuff

Shingeki no Kyojin Tobe! Chousa Heidan Ichiban Kuji
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I know it was a stupid thing to do but I recently got the whole set of Ichiban Kuji for Shingeki no Kyojin Tobe! Chousa Heidan! without first hosting a split.
I've definitely learnt my lesson and really want to get rid of the extras because of space issues and my parents are not very happy.
I can ship by standard air mail or registered airmail. All hand towels and files are still in sealed in their original packaging and rubber straps have been open to check characters but still sealed in the plastic packaging. I still have the boxes as well.
Each item costs SG$8.50(the price I got them for including shipping to me) not inclusive of shipping fees. I will cover packing fees, please PM me if you're interested!
Payment by local bank transfer or Paypal.
Current exchange rate: US$1 = SG$1.30

Hand towels (F):
Eren / Mikasa x 3 ITEM #244991
Levi / Erwin x 1 ITEM #244992 SOLD
Annie / Bertolt x 1 ITEM #244994 SOLD
Armin / Jean x 3 ITEM #244996
Sasha / Connie x 2 ITEM #244997
Krista / Ymir x 2 ITEM #244990

Clear files (G):
Hange / chibi x 2 ITEM #239960
Eren & Jean / group x 2 ITEM #239961
Levi & Erwin x 1 ITEM #239957

Rubber straps (H):
Eren x 3 ITEM #230096
Erwin x 1 ITEM #230106 SOLD
Mikasa x 2 ITEM #230097 SOLD
Levi x 1 ITEM #230098 SOLD
Armin x 3 ITEM #230099
Krista x 3 ITEM #230101
Sasha x 3 ITEM #230102
Ymir x 2 ITEM #230100
Connie x 2 ITEM #230103

Rubber straps (I):
Levi x 1ITEM #230110 SOLD
Hange x 1 ITEM #230105 SOLD
Jean x 2 ITEM #230113
Annie x 3 ITEM #230111
Marco x 3 ITEM #230114
Bertolt x 2 ITEM #230109
Reiner x 2 ITEM #230107

Chibi Kyun Chara (B) [this set is $18]:
Eren x Mikasa ITEM #213356 ITEM #213357 SOLD

Psycho pass 2 badges, vocaloid and Durarara A4 files
View spoilerHide spoilerSome stuff that I don't want to keep or have no use for

Psycho pass 2 badges, SG$3 each. About 8cm in diameter. SOLD
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Some scratches on Ginoza, Kamui and Akane

Gatchama Crowds cleaner cloth + Mouse pad, SG$3. About 15cm x 17.6cm SOLD

A4 Vocaloid file, SG$3 SOLD

A4 Durarara kuji file, SG$2 each
View spoilerHide spoileryou can see the little crease thing there. They were already like that when I got them and both files have it.


Nendo splits:
Nishinoya Yuu club/576/discus...
Kenma Kozume club/576/discus...
Hotarumaru club/576/discus...
Otosaka Ayumi club/576/discus...
Heshikiri Hasebe club/576/discus...
Ichimatsu Matsuno club/576/discus...
Koushi Sugawara club/576/discus...

Uta no Prince Sama Maji Love Revolutions Nendoroid Petite Animate exclusives club/618/discus...
Touken Ranbu Nendoroid Petite Animate/Gamers Ver. club/618/discus...
Ansatsu Kyoushitsu Movic exclusive rubber straps club/618/discus...
Nendoroid Dress Up: Wedding & Pajamas club/618/discus...

Group orders
C3AFA 2018 GO thread/16115

Nendo splits:
Yukimura Aoi club/576/discus...
Yukari Yakumo & Devil Homura Akemi club/576/discus...
Sonoda Umi Training Outfit Ver. club/576/discus...
Alice Cartelet club/576/discus...
Maki Nishikino Training Outfit Ver. clubs.php?mode=...

Deco Rich Amnesia club/618/discus...
One Piece Colloseum Ichiban Kuji Auction
Magi D4 Rubber Straps Vol. 1, 2 & 3 club/618/discus...
Nendoroid More: Swimsuit clubs.php?mode=...
Nendoroid More: Dress-up Cheerleaders club/618/discus...

Group orders
DMMD re:code Picktam club/618/discus...
Nendoroid faceless face plates club/576/discus...
GSC Winter Won Fes Exclusives GO club/618/discus...
GSC Group Order (Orders placed on 29th July 2015)clubs.php?mode=...
Nitro+Chiral 10th Anniversary Rubber Collection clubs.php?mode=...
Gift Winter Campaign 2015 LIST #56214
Ten Count AniKuji club/618/discus...
Animate JP & Movic Group Order December 2015/January 2016 club/618/discus...
Surugaya GO February/March 2016 club/618/discus...
GSC Winter Won Fes Exclusives Group Order club/618/discus...
Animate GO March 2016 club/618/discus...
Ten count Taiwan exclusives club/618/discus...
SG Pokemon Cafe exclusives club/618/discus...
Jump Online Shop GO club/618/discus...
Toranoana GO club/618/discus...
Pokemon Online JP GO club/618/discus...
Nitroplus Global Online GO club/618/discus...
AFA SG 2016 GO club/618/discus...
Doujima GO club/618/discus...
Movic May 2017 GO club/618/discus...
Born to make history SG GO club/618/discus...
Doujima 2018 GO thread/15285
C3AFA 2017 GO club/618/discus...


All prices does not include shipping to you.

Gift online Christmas campaign 2016
Kogistunemaru plush SG$65
Kizumonogatari Kiss shot plush SG$62
Gift Closet: Santa clause for plushes x 2 SG$30
Gift Closet: Reindeer for plushes x 2 SG$34
Gift Closet: Santa clause for plush straps x 2 SG$29
Gift Closet: Reindeer for plushes x 2 SG$33
Shironeko plush clothes x 1 SG$34
Kuroneko plush clothes x 1 SG$34

One Piece Colosseum Ichiban Kuji Acution
F prize Red & Yellow Towel ITEM #270344: SG$5
H prize Bartolomeo Card Figure ITEM #270338: SG$10
I prize Sabo Rubber Key Case ITEM #275651: SG$5

Magi D4 Rubber Straps:
Straps are SG$4 each
Ri Seishun ITEM #143456
Goltas ITEM #143458
Pisti ITEM #150955
Hinahoho ITEM #150956

Satsuki Kiryuuin SEGA prize (Brand new) ITEM #219451
Cleaning Levi Nendoroid (Brand new)ITEM #223037 SG$50
Cleaning Levi Picktam! (Brand new)ITEM #234085 SG$10
One Piece Luffy WCF Tank Top ver. TT02 (brand new, box will be opened and flattened for shipping) ITEM #106718 :SG$10

Please do leave some feedback if you've bought from me!
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Comments47 comments

Nice seller, and great stuff - came in perfect condition, with good shipping time and sold at decent prices - thanks! :)
1 year ago
Participated in a Pokemon Center group order! Thanks again for hosting, items in perfect condition and so cute! Very grateful that you were willing to hold my stuff for so long! Sorry I rushed off so suddenly, phone started ringing/vibrating midway orz.
2 years ago
Participated in the AFASG 2016 group order. I'm very happy that I got some hard to obtain items from an artist I really like. Very responsive and answered questions quickly. Everything was shipped out fast and arrived safely. thank you!
2 years ago
Susanoo14 μ'sic forever ♪♪
I participated in the AFA SG group order. I'm super grateful for xueren's help getting some limited items! Everything arrived really quickly too. Thank you so much!!
2 years ago
Participated in the AFA SG 2016 GO. Xueren was a perfect host, responsive and polite, items were shipped super fast and arrived in great condition. I would definitely participate in another GO :) Thank you for the great experience!
2 years ago
Participated in Heshikiri Hasebe nendo split. Host responds as soon as possible for inquiries, very clear when giving instructions/clarifying information, packaging of the items was good. Thank you!
2 years ago
Participated in the Toranoana GO. Everything went smoothly with great updates and communication. Packaging was good too (saved my poor clearfile from getting mishandled by USPS). Thank you for hosting!
2 years ago
Participated in a Toranoana group order. Everything went smoothly. Items came well packed and in great condition. Thank you!
2 years ago
Participated in the Kenma nendoroid split. Communication was great and the strap was sent out quickly, and was well packaged, would definitely participate in another split.
2 years ago
kanjiaragaki big ♥ & empty wallet
Participated in the Uta no Prince Sama Maji Love Revolutions Nendoroid Petite Animate exclusives split.
Communication was good and my items were packaged well. Would not hesitate to participate in another split if the occasion arises.

Thank you!
2 years ago
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