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echo6 years ago5 months ago
Want to let go some of my collections as need to move the house soon.
Please check sale list below, and as well my "owned" collections, those are considerable for let go.
Most figures are brand new and sealed. All of them are stored in boxes and in good condition.
Welcome price offer and ship from Australia, shipping cost upon the request. World wide shipping available
I live in Sydney, welcome local pick up:)

Please find some highlights below, currency in Australian dollar

POP - Luffy ITEM #33863 $50
POP - Ace ITEM #33862 $50
Grandline MEN & LADY $10/each : Eustass Kid, Buggy, Sanji, Benn Benkman, Mr.2., Shanks, Jewelry Bonney

Vocaloid - Miku ITEM #187 $40

Shingeki no Kyojin - Levi ITEM #166955 $50

Togainu no Chi - Shiki ITEM #77886 $80

Tiger & Bunny G.E.M - Kotetsu $25
Tiger & Bunny G.E.M. - Barnaby $25
Tiger & Bunny MSP - Kotetsu $15
Tiger & Bunny MSP - Barnaby $15

Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica Nendoroids $30/each

K!On Nendoroids: Azusa, Mio, Tsumugi, Yui and Ritsu. $30/each

Nendoroid Petit, $7AUD each
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How much for Monogatari Kyun Charas? shipping to Philippines please
11 months ago
Just letting you know I'm still interested in Shiki :)
1 year ago
Is Komadori Ciel still available. If so, how much with shipping to 34446 (Florida)?
1 year ago
Are Lelouch and Suzaku figures still available? If so, how much for each?
2 years ago
how much shipping to lebanon(middle east) if lets say 5 petit nendo
2 years ago
How much for Inori, Lelouch, and Natsume to the US?
3 years ago
Hi! If they're still available, how much is it for items #62257 and #71521 to be shipped to Canada? Thanks!
4 years ago
hi , are these still available? #68879 #61147 #68880 #61145 #61143 #61137 #68882 , the nitro chiral

do u ship overseas?
thanks ! (:
4 years ago
How much for Item #77885 to australia?
4 years ago
How much for ITEM #77885 shipped to Uruguay?
4 years ago
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