Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!
echo8 years ago1 year ago
Need to let go partial of my collections due to limited display space.

I accept Paypal and available local pick up or worldwide shipping

Feel free to contact me;)

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Hey, I'm interested in buying Tony Tony Chopper film Z edition. How much would be the shipping to Poland?
8 months ago
How much for Monogatari Kyun Charas? shipping to Philippines please
3 years ago
Just letting you know I'm still interested in Shiki :)
3 years ago
Is Komadori Ciel still available. If so, how much with shipping to 34446 (Florida)?
3 years ago
Are Lelouch and Suzaku figures still available? If so, how much for each?
4 years ago
how much shipping to lebanon(middle east) if lets say 5 petit nendo
4 years ago
How much for Inori, Lelouch, and Natsume to the US?
5 years ago
Hi! If they're still available, how much is it for items #62257 and #71521 to be shipped to Canada? Thanks!
6 years ago
hi , are these still available? #68879 #61147 #68880 #61145 #61143 #61137 #68882 , the nitro chiral

do u ship overseas?
thanks ! (:
6 years ago
How much for Item #77885 to australia?
6 years ago
Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!


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