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Sale on Revoltech Z.OE. Complete CollectionSale on Revoltech Z.OE. Complete Collection

MidNight123 years ago8 months ago
I am selling this as a set, not individually. All items listed here is all nee and never been open, but boxes have very minor scruff. The price are negotiable, I can also provide additional photo base on request. So please feel free to P.M. if there's any question.

I am willing to provide freeing shipping within the U.S. with tracking

Revoltech 103 Zone of the Enders Jehuty
Revoltech 111 Zone of the Enders Jehuty Anubis Appeared Edition
Revoltech 113 Zone of the Enders Anubis
Revoltech 120 Zone of the Ender Jehuty & Vector Cannon
Revoltech 127 Zone of the Ender Naked Jehuty
Revoltech 130 Zone of the Ender Ardjet
Revoltech 132 Zone of the Ender Vic Viper

Paypal payment as "gift", I want to avoid fees if possible.
Total: $355.00

All sales final
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Please, no sale ads on the clubs I've founded, which includes the Konami Club where you left an ad post for that sale.
Yes, it's definitely Konami-related, but I don't want my clubs to turn into sale boards.
Thus, I'm sorry but I had to delete your post there.
Thank you very much for your comprehension.
8 months ago
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