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USPS Shipping CostsUSPS Shipping Costs

Alumina2 years ago11 months ago
Domestic First Class
Shipping Time: "1-3 Business Days", but it's more like 3-5
Tracking available for Parcels only
Retail - Retail Price Increase on 1-22-17
1. Letters that meet one or more of the nonmachinable characteristics in DMM 101.1.2 are subject to the $0.21 nonmachinable surcharge.
2. Large envelope-sized pieces that are rigid, nonrectangular, or not uniformly thick pay parcel prices.
Commercial Prices
3. Parcels are subject to a $0.20 surcharge if they are irregularly shaped, such as rolls, tubes, and triangles.
4. IMpb Noncompliant Fee: $0.20 per piece.

International First Class
Shipping Time: 2 weeks ~ 1 month (can be longer)
Letters (for light, small and flat items like straps) Minor Decrease in Price on 4-10-16

Flats (Large Envelopes) Minor Decrease in Price on 4-10-16

*Tracking for select countries pe.usps.com/tex...
*find your "price group" for your country here pe.usps.com/tex...

Source: pe.usps.com/cpi...

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